Networks and Donors


VSquare and its member centers are part of global journalists networks.


The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) is a global network of investigative journalists with staff on six continents. It was founded in 2006 and specializes in organized crime and corruption. OCCRP works with and supports 50+ independent media outlets in Europe, Africa, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. All VSquare core partners are member centers of OCCRP.

The Global Investigative Journalism Network serves as the international hub for the world’s investigative reporters. At the heart of GIJN is an international association of nonprofit journalism organizations. From its founding in 2003, GIJN has grown to include 250 member groups in 91 countries. Today, with a staff based in over 20 countries, GIJN works in a dozen languages to link together the world’s most enterprising journalists, giving them the tools, technology, and training to go after abuses of power and lack of accountability.


The European Data Journalism Network (EDJNet) is a network of media organisations from all across Europe, producing and promoting data-driven coverage of European issues in several languages. The network brings together dozens of journalists, data analysts, developers, and designers. The network was set up in 2017 and it is coordinated by OBC Transeuropa. It has 31 members in 21 countries – among them VSquare core partners and Atlatszo.

Collaborative and Investigative Journalism Initiative (CIJI) is carried out in partnership by Tactical Tech (TT), Free Press Unlimited (FPU), Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Fundacja Reporterow (FR), OBC Transeuropa (OBCT) and Delfi and aims to become a network-based initiative that promotes ethical standards, offers training and capacity building opportunities and a fora for collaboration and peer-support.


International journalistic cooperation requires experience and resources. Our articles are fact-checked and thoroughly edited. We accept grants and individual donations for the support of our activities, but our editorial judgments are made fully independently. We maintain an impenetrable wall between our editorial decisions and sources of all revenue. We do not depend on sales or advertising.

We are non-profit, independent, investigative, and driven by a passion for journalism.