How to be a patriot? Defend your country



At nine o’clock on a Saturday morning in January, some hundred civilians gather in one of the biggest military training grounds in Europe, Orzysz in Poland. They are taking part in hard training in frost and snow, at temperatures around minus 20 degrees. What is this event, who organizes it, who and why attends it?

To find out, VSquare reporters spent a whole day in a real military compound. Heavy equipment is also on this field – Orzysz is an international NATO base with soldiers from Poland, Croatia, Romania and the US.

Reporters: Mikołaj Jankowski, Wojciech Grzędziński (Fundacja Reporterów)

This report is a part of a research supported by the IJ4EU grant. The IJ4EU fund is not responsible for the content and any use made out of it


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