Independent journalists in Ukraine and Russia deserve our support and admiration

This text was originally published on 27th February 2022 as the joint statement of Slovak editors in chief to support Ukrainian and independent Russian journalists. Independent journalistic organisations from CEE join the Slovak editor’s statement and call for support to our colleagues in Ukraine.

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Vladimir Putin started a war. Now he wants to silence journalists writing the truth about his war crime. His censors launched an attack against the remaining free media in the country. Those that Putin has branded enemies of Russia and agents of foreign powers for a decade.

The Russian police are arresting journalists who want people to learn about the protests against Putin’s war taking place in Russian cities.

The Russian censorship office wants to ban free media and journalists from using words like invasion, attack, shelling or war. He wants them to talk about a peace mission and publish only information coming from governmental sources.

But the truth cannot be silenced, neither in Russia nor in Ukraine.

We stand by all our colleagues who defend what remains of the freedom of speech in Russia. Ukrainian journalists are defending not only their country, but also the right to freedom for all of us.

Our colleagues in Ukraine are in danger now, but so are all Ukrainians. This once again shows how important independent and courageous journalists are for the free society.

We hope our colleagues covering the conflict will soon return home safe and sound. But our Russian and Ukrainian colleagues will stay there, and they deserve our support and admiration.

Beata Balogová, editor-in-chief, SME, Slovakia

Peter Bárdy, editor-in-chief, Aktuality.sk, Slovakia

Matúš Kostolný, editor-in-chief, Denník N, Slovakia

Lukáš Diko, editor-in-chief, Investigative Centre of Ján Kuciak, Slovakia

Henrich Krejča, editor-in-chief of the news service, Markíza, Slovakia

Attila Lovász, editor-in-chief of the news service, RTVS, Slovakia

Roland Kubina, editor-in-chief of the news service, TV JOJ, Slovakia

Štefan Hríb, editor-in-chief, .týždeň, Slovakia

Júlia Kováčová, editor-in-chief, Nový Čas, Slovakia

Jakub Prokeš, editor-in-chief, Pravda, Slovakia

Jaroslav Vrábeľ, editor-in-chief, Korzár, Slovakia

Peter Palovič, head of news desk, Rádio Expres, Slovakia

Braňo Závodský, deputy heaf of news desk, Rádio Expres, Slovakia

Marcela Šimková, editor-in-chief, Hospodárske Noviny, Slovakia

Michaela Terenzani, editor-in-chief, The Slovak Spectator, Slovakia

Ivana Mandáková, editor-in-chief, Plus1Deň, Slovakia

Csaba Nyerges, editor-in-chief, Új Szó Cs., Slovakia

Liszka Györgyi, editor-in-chief, Vasárnap, Slovakia

Michal Pobeha, editor-in-chief, SITA, Slovakia

Marián Kolár, editor-in-chief, TASR, Slovakia

Martin Hanus, editor-in-chief, Postoj, Slovakia

Alexej Fulmek, chairman, Association of Print and Digital Media, Slovakia

Marian Zima, chairman, Association for the Protection of Journalistic Ethics, Slovakia

Alena Pániková, president of the Print-Digital Council of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia

Lucia Yar, zastupujúca šéfredaktorka, EURACTIV Slovensko, Slovakia

Radovan Geist, vydavateľ, EURACTIV Slovensko, Slovakia

Lukáš Fila, vydavateľ, N-Press, Slovakia

Ivan Brožík, šéfredaktor, REGIONPRESS, Slovakia

Branislav Karvaš šéfredaktor topky.sk, Slovakia

Peter Halász, vydavateľ, JAGA Group, Slovakia

Radek Pozděna, vydavateľ, REAL PRESS, Slovakia

Matúš Baňovič, šéfredaktor, Refresher.sk, Slovakia

Martina Balleková, šéfredaktorka, TA3, Slovakia


Mihkel Kärmas, editor-in-chief, Eyewitness TV programme, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Estonia

Holger Roonemaa, head of investigations, Delfi Estonia, Eesti Ekspress, Eesti Päevaleht, Estonia

Urmo Soonvald, editor-in-chief, Delfi Estonia, Eesti Päevaleht, Estonia

Hindrek Riikoja, editor-in-chief, Maaleht, Estonia

Mihkel Kärmas, editor-in-chief, Eyewitness TV programme, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Estonia

Meelis Mandel, editor-in-chief, Äripäev, Estonia

Martin Šmutov, editor-in-chief, Õhtuleht, Estonia


Tamás Bodoky, editor-in-chief, Atlatszo.hu, Hungary

András Pethő,  co-founder and editor of Direkt36, Hungary


Sanita Jemberga, executive director and editor, Re:Baltica, Latvia


Tomáš Madleňák, reporter, Investigative center of Jan Kuciak, Slovakia

Karin Köváry Solymos, reporter, Investigative center of Jan Kuciak, Slovakia


Wojciech Cieśla, Investigate Europe, Reporters Foundation, Poland

Anna Gielewska, head of investigations and partnerships, VSquare.org, Reporters Foundation, Poland


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