VSquare is an independent, cross-border journalism initiative dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting and independent press in the Visegrad Region.

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    Reporters Foundation (Fundacja Reporterów) was established in 2010 by a group of leading Polish reporters. For many years its main mission was to train and support journalists from Eastern Europe, especially from Ukraine – through workshops, conferences and journalism awards. Support to strengthen cooperation between  reporters and the skills of investigative journalists in Central Europe is an important part of Foundation’s philosophy.

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    The Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism (České centrum pro investigativní žurnalistiku) was founded in 2013 by Czech journalists to promote cross-border investigative projects, train journalists and address the need of local journalism to follow new media trends. Center was part of global investigative journalism projects such as Pulitzer Prize winning Panama Papers, Swissleaks or Global Laundromat.

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    “Atlatszo” means transparent in Hungarian. Established in 2011, produces investigative reports, files freedom of information requests and commences freedom of information lawsuits in cases where its requests are refused. Atlatszo is Hungary’s first investigative non-profit journalistic organisation financed by nonpartisan and non-governmental sources.

  • Shape is an online news outlet owned by
    Ringier Axel Springer, in the last few years have devoted a lot of
    energy to building strong investigative team.


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We love to hear about what our readers are up to — both professionally and personally. If you are interested in hearing more about what is going on throughout the Visegrad countries, if you have feedback or questions about VSQUARE.ORG, please send to us your question/comment.

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  • Wojciech Cieśla

    Wojciech Cieśla

    Polish journalist, since 2016 working with Investigate Europe. Co-founder of Fundacja Reporterów (Reporters Foundation). Based in Warsaw.

  • Paweł

    Paweł Reszka

    Polish journalist of Polityka weekly, co- founder of Fundacja Reporterów (Reporters Foundation). Worked as a foreign correspondent covering Russia; former head of investigative desk at Dziennik daily. Based in Warsaw.

  • Pavla

    Pavla Holcová

    Czech journalist, founder of the Czech Center for Investigative Journalism. Closely working with OCCRP. A co-recipient of the Global Shining Light Award. Based in Prague.

  • Konrad

    Konrad Szczygieł

    Polish journalist, former reporter at Superwizjer TVN and Oko.Press, since 2016 working with Fundacja Reporterów (Reporters Foundation), in 2016 shortlisted for Grand Press award. Based in Warsaw.

  • Anita

    Anita Komuves

    Hungarian journalist, former reporter of the investigative outlet Atlatszo. She won the Junior Prima Prize in 2012. Former  Fulbright/Humphrey Fellow. Based in Budapest.

  • Szabolcs

    Szabolcs Panyi

    Hungarian journalist at Covers foreign policy, national security, Russian influence. Former Hubert H. Humphrey/Fulbright fellow at Arizona State University.

  • Anna Gielewska

    Anna Gielewska

    Polish journalist, since 2012 in Wprost weekly. Covers politics, coordinator at Fundacja Reporterów (Reporters Foundation). Shortlisted for Grand Press and Mediatory awards. Based in Warsaw.

  • Edyta

    Edyta Żemła

    Polish journalist, since 2016 working for Former journalist at Rzeczpospolita daily and editor-in-chief of Polska Zbrojna, war correspondent in Afghanistan. Based in Warsaw.

  • Peter Sabo

    Peter Sabo

    Peter Sabo is investigative reporter of He is uncovering corruption using mostly data-driven approach. He was wroking in IT sector as analyst before joining Aktuality.

  • Martin Turcek

    Martin Turcek

    Reporter of focused on corruption and data-based analytical journalism. Worked as an investigative data analyst for the TI Slovakia and Stop Corruption Foundation.

  • Eva Kubániová

    Eva is a journalist working for based in Prague. is NGO covering organized crime topics and the only Czech partner of OCCRP. She works on projects connected to Slovakia.

is an independent, cross-border journalism initiative dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting and independent press in the Visegrad Region